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Dance Ministry

top: Linda, Angela, Span, Deborah, Clara, Tamara
HIM sign team
btm: Rita, Tameka, Tiffany, Arletheia, Keisha

Sign of God...
A ministry that is taught with integrity and character. Our main goal is to minister to the body of Christ through sign language to the deaf as well as the hearing. These women are dedicated to minister deliverance and healing through this awesome display of interpretive dance. The director Co- Pastor Deborah Pruitt is the founder and teacher of this ministering gift in Hartspan International Ministiry. This team exemplifes the spirit if excellence. Through prayer and fasting you will be blessed.

To book contact:
Deborah Pruitt
(469) 878-5796
(817) 770-6750

Deborah Pruitt

Sign of God
Director: Deborah Pruitt  (top center)
With our hands lifted up & are hearts filled with praise


Spirit of Excellence!

Hartspan International Ministries
153 Hood St
Cedar Hiil, Texas 75104
Sunday Service 10:00 am
Phone: 817 770-6750

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It"s all about HIM!
Nakitia Laureano
Nakitia Laureano in a liturgical dance

For info or prayer call (817) 770-6750


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