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The Pastors Family

Our Wedding Day
We began our lives together

Vow renewal
Coats renewal
17 years later

Apostle Hartford T. Coats Jr. met Spandirallia while attending college in Pensacola, Florida studying religion. In 1982 they were joined in Holy Matrimony along with her two children Louis and Nakitia. After moving to Dallas, Texas they became members of a local televangelist church where both completed biblical studies and received their certifications for the ministry. In March 1992, they began a outreach ministry in Dallas called “Prayers of the Righteous.” Soon they joined with yet another ministry in which Hartford served as an assistant pastor and Spandirallia worked as an administrator. They produced a radio ministry, prison outreach, intercessory prayer group, and a deliverance ministry. Through these diverse workings of the Holy Spirit many souls were saved, healed, delivered, filled with the Holy Spirit and set free.

The Coats Family
The Coats family
Nakitia, Span, Hartford, Louis, Charita (bottom)

God released them to be Pastors in which they were ordained to do this work in July 1995. Soon afterwards, a new church named “Blessed Rock of Deliverance Interdenominational Church” was established and founded by them in Lancaster, Texas with only 16 members. They labored diligently carving out the ministry by teaching, preaching, training and imparting the uncompromising word of God. They began to travel all over the USA and abroad, and during a trip to Paris, France the word of the Lord came to them and instructed them to rename the church which is presently known as “Hartspan International Ministries.”

Daughter a liturgical dancer
Nakitia Laureano

Our children & grandchildren are blessings from God.

Son is a rapper, musician & drummer
Louis Laureano

The Apostles Ball
The Apostle ball
Hart & Span

They were ordained before God for the apostleship on November 8, 2002. With through the impartation, protection and the prayers of their spiritual parents, Bishop Vivian Curtis, Apostle Bobby & Jackee Miles and Mother Dora Jean Lewis they accepted the apostolic mandate on their lives. Many awesome churches, dynamic ministries and powerful leaders have been birthed, ordained and released by God under their apostolic covering. God has empowered them with outstanding leaders to work along side of them Pastor Tamara Bennett, Pastor Deborah Pruitt along with a great staff of leaders. Now by the grace and mercy of God they are presently endeavoring to fulfill and accomplish this awesome call of ministry.

Grandaughter a stepper, singer, dancer, adjutant
Spandirallia "Charita" Coats

Love, hope & charity, but the greatest thing is Love.

Grandchildren (Louis kids)
Kayla & Jayla
Kayla & Jaylon

LA , Hart & Span (Louis #1 son)
Louis A. Laureano

Sunday Morning
Sevice Time: 10:00 am

Church Location:
153 Hood St
Cedar Hill, Texas 75104
(817) 770-6750
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For more info call: (817) 770-6750

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